Sunday, July 19, 2009

Best Chicken Chop in SS2!!!

Want to know where to have the BEST yet AFFORDABLE
Chicken Chop in SS2??

With THICK, creamy brown sauce...
Crunchy on the outside...tender on the inside...

Guess how much this costs?








RM8.00 ONLY!!!
(Used to be RM7.00...damn inflation!)

Head down to Wai Sek Kai, SS2 now...
Look for Stall No.7 (refer above)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Part II: Ipoh Fellowship

The next day, was Fellowship outing with Alpha Leo Club of Saint Anderson, Ipoh (the oldest club in Malaysia) and Omega Leo Club of Ipoh Metro...sponsored by Lion Alan Thoo...

First on the agenda was a trip to a (somewhat) famous Nasi Lemak Cikgu. My first time eating nasi lemak...complete with the sambal...those of you who know me, will know that I NEVER touch anything spicy, especially sambal...

Well, I ate everything...quite nice...
(1...2...3...THANK YOU, LION ALAN!!!)

Next, off to 1Utama where we had desserts at Delicious cafe. Click here for pictures. See that chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream slowly melting on top?? That was my little piece of heaven.

(One more time...1...2...3...THANK YOU, LION ALAN!!!)

To the amused shoppers at 1Utama, who watched as we camwhored shamelessly...
I just wanna say, "We are NOT from Tanjung Malim...or Tanjung Rambutan".

Part I: PJI Installation

After 1 month of prep, which is frankly not even enough...
The 10th Installation of Petaling Jaya Integrity is finally O-V-E-R.

-Had dim sum breakfast @ Taman Megah in the morning...then off to Yuk Chai.
-Handled registration and sale of badges...
-Prep for here for the video clip!
-For graphic memories (a.k.a pictures XD), pls click here.
*P.S There are over 200 pics...enjoy!

I am now OFFICIALLY the new PR Director of Petaling Jaya Integrity.
(Bring on the pain, headaches and slow replies...)

Next, fellowship with Ipoh Metro and the oldest leo club in Malaysia...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who do you want to unbutton?

I'm proud to say that I have had the pleasure of working with one of the women responsible for the ads you see above.

These ads began appearing in Levis stores nationwide sometime near the end of last year.
Eye-catching and totally hip, they have been known to make potential consumers literally "stop and stare".

Can you think of anyone you'd like to unbutton? *grin*

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Eric - Eggyman!

The Birthday Boy
20 Years Old
(Please withhold all corny & horny birthday jokes to yourself)

Wai Yew looks bored...(this was a candid shot, I swear!)

Those two in the middle look sweet la...
Does Jun Hsien seem...jealous?

Mun Suet digs for more teh ais
(after Wong Kok conned us of the size, the bastards!)

After I broke his clubbing virginity,
Now we broke Eric's cake-in-the-face virginity!!
(That sounds a little wrong...)

An idea for upcoming Leo Forum 2009 Super Hero Night
*Ta dah*
Cake Man!!!

* Sobs*
RM38 flown away...
But served its sugary (and sticky) purpose...
God speed, Tiramisu Cake!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Promises to You

I will....:

1) Love you with all my heart until the day i die
2) Make you feel happy that you chose me
3) Make you feel loved and smile everyday
4) My whole being is for you...heart, body and soul
5) Do all your favourite things with you (or learn to love em')
6) Be there for you, as best as I can
7) To ultimately fulfil no.6, maybe - Move in with you...
8) Make up for my mistakes...with my life, if i must
9) Never make you feel like "leftover" are my Diamond
10) Stand by your side, as you succeed in life
11) Be your rock when you need support and your lifeline when you need help
12) Love you as you should be loved
13) Never do anything hurt you ever again
14) Hold you in my arms and never let you go (unless got work or college)
15) Give you my most valuable possession
16) Make each and every promise i make come true every year we are together
17) Take care of you in every way
18) Be a part of you
19) Laugh and cry with you
20) Just love you with every fibre and ounce of my being.

These are my promises to you, one for each year...I shall add one for every year...until the day I leave this world and universe...