Friday, February 26, 2010

Time to Blow (the dust off...)

Yes, I'm aware of how dead this blog has become...
My blog must have been right at the bottom of everyone's blog roll...

An update is required and an update I shall provide.
Short version.

Good Things That Have (Or Will) Happen(ed):

1) I'm attached once more.
THE number ONE thing that has been putting a smile on my face every few minutes. Hoping this will be THE relationship that I have been praying so hard for. Everything seems to be going well...we've been keeping things real. We both know that promises are sometimes difficult to honor. Today, I said we'd visit places like Singapore, Australia and Paris in the future. I'd very much like for us to make it to that point in time.

2) I Will Be Apple-d!
Yes, it's true. Despite my earlier rants and complains about how IPods and IPhones are blah blah blah, come this April I shall be the proud owner of either a 16GB IPhone 3GS or a 32GB IPod Touch. Do I sense a Mac somewhere is the distant future? Stay tuned.

Bad Things That Have (Or Will) Happen(ed):

1) The Womanizer has left Malaysia.
PJIs, LEOs, DJ-ians, Sea Park-ians & all manner of students and friends (mostly female) felt a gap in their hearts appear as Eric Teh Aik Soon boarded the 1.20AM Air Asia flight for Melbourne. Yes, he will be back...but no one can deny that we will all miss his kooky-ness and dramatic flair. Some of us were even priviledged to witness his best quotes:-

a) Topless drink - About to order a drink
b) Pic! Pic! Pic! - While playing BlackJack
c) Discussted - During discussions
d) Pok-ing - During mahjong session
e) Tequi-ly - During drinking sessions.

2) Lousy Schedule
Students of Taylors' CMM Degree would have found out about the new time table by now. Speechless.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


1) RCC video script

2) Pack for 2nd Singapore trip...

3) Meet my honey

4) Catch up on my sleep...

5) Find the shop to send Karma @ Kota Damansara