Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Quotes

Just back from yum cha with Beatrice, Chong Sheng and Wai Yew.
Some interesting topics came up.
One of which is the abbreviations if you happen to be of mixed Chinese dialects' household.
Basically, the dominant dialect precedes the dialect less used at home.
Here are some:

HakHok - 1/2 Hakka 1/2 Hokkien parentage

CanHok - 1/2 Cantonese 1/2 Hokkien parentage

CanHak - 1/2 Cantonese 1/2 Hakka parentage

ManCan - 1/2 Mandarin 1/2 Cantonese parentage

TeoMan - 1/2 TeoChew 1/2 Mandarin parentage

Try mixing and matching different dialects together.
See what different combination you turn up.