Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fruity Traitor

Where once I swore I will never own any Apple products, I have now been a proud owner of the Apple iPhone 3GS for the past 6 months. Loving it to bits (still do).

Since then, Apple has released the iPhone 4 and the iPad as well.
Most of you who know me will imagine how itchy my fingers are feeling right now...
I still yearn to own a 15" MacBook Pro though...with i5 processor, 500GB hard disk space, blah blah blah...

Maybe I'll own the complete set in the future...
When I reach the point where I can confidently say to myself,

"RM500 is small change to me"...

Now, time to stop daydreaming and return to my mundane world BS-ing on PR2 and C&O...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My iPhone Cover Obsession #2

- White faux leather
- Metal video stand
- RM25

Friday, July 9, 2010

My iPhone Cover Obsession

From L to R:

Yellow - DiGi - Free
Blackbone - PasarMalam - RM15
OrangeZest - PasarMalam - RM15
SilverLining - InCase - RM38
Devil - Capsule Switcheasy - RM100
Black - Case-Mate - RM60+ (but I got it for FREE!)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am Human

It seems like I keep delaying new posts again and again.
One of my flaws, this procrastination of mine...(sloth?)

Another seems to be my greed - money money money gimme gimme gimme...
Also my gluttony - I can now consume chicken rice and wan tan mee in one go.
Also my lust - well, this one PnC...XD
Also my pride - everything I own must be either new, stylish or a combination of both.
Also my envy - I want...I want...I want...
Also my wrath - Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but you ain't seen nothing yet...

All seven of the Cardinal Sins...
All in me...
For I am Human...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DiGi's "Unmentioned" Charges

This happened to me in real life (RECENTLY!) and I'm writing this post to warn all who are thinking of getting the DiGi's iPhone plan to think twice before signing that contract.

In DiGi's iPhone plan, you get X amount of free minits, SMS, MMS and Internet usage depending on the plan you choose. Being a student and paying for my own phone usage, I opted for the iDiGi 88.

I was skeptical at first. I've used prepaid all my life, so the terms and conditions of postpaid service are alien to me. So I started researching. First, checked out the price plans, their pros and cons. Then on the day I went to buy/collect my iPhone, I asked the DiGi ground staff these questions:

"So I only pay RM88 per month, for two years (24 months)?" "Since I'm paying for 6 months in advance, what if I exceed? Do I only pay the balance for the first 6 months?" "That's all I pay right?"

The DiGi staff answered that I was correct. I asked a similar set of questions to the D'Chat operator, who also answered that I was right, confirming what the first DiGi staff said. OK, so here I was thinking that I could definitely afford at least around RM88 a month for calls and SMS.

My bill for April just arrived. Yes, DiGi did waive off RM88 due to my 6 months advance payment. HOWEVER, I discovered that DiGi has also charged me another previously "unmentioned" monthly amount of RM88. My greatest shock came when I realized that after the 6 months is up, DiGi is actually charging me RM88 + RM88 = RM176 a month!

Let's ignore the fact that both DiGi staff have supplied me with FALSE INFORMATION. Let's ignore that I, as a student paying my OWN phone bill, will now have to pay RM176 a month for the next 24 months. Thats a grand spanking total of RM4224!

What I don't understand is, why is DiGi charging me a second amount of RM88? I already paid RM1590 for the iPhone 3GS. The initial minimum RM88 a month would have cost about RM2112 for 24 months. In total, I'm "supposed" to pay roughly RM3702 for the phone + call charges. I haven't even included the 5% service tax.

Let's do a little math. Assuming that I use RM88 for call charges a month for the next 24 months, excluding the cost of the iPhone:

RM4224 - RM2112 = RM2112

I'm actually paying roughly DOUBLE the amount that I signed up for.

So, please...I implore anyone who is thinking of buying the iPhone now or in the future...ensure that those figures you see on that contract are the ONLY charges that you will have to pay.

And to DiGi, I'm demanding compensation and a full explanation for this injustice. Your staff have supplied me with false information, twice.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I am now officially 21 years old.

4th April 2010.

In Cantonese, its pronounced sei-yat-sei-ho-yi-ling-yat-ling
Most Chinese people believe that the number 4 is an unlucky number...
(That's why some lifts have 3rd floor then 3A instead of 4th floor)
But I have double they cancel out each other? (I hope!)

According to Wikipedia, this means I am at the age of majority where I can legally:-

  1. purchase/consume alcohol
  2. marry without consent/elope (hope not!)
  3. enter into binding contract (in my favor!)
  4. vote (worthless as none are worth voting for)
  5. buy stocks/bonds (any sponsors?)
  6. and many more...

21 years of life...
I wonder if I've lived it well...
There a million ways on the Internet telling you if you have lived your life to the fullest...
But do any of those ways fit me?

Instead of trying a million ways,
I think I shall happily go on living a life of blissful semi-ignorance...
And deal with any hardships and pain as I encounter them...

Happy 21st Birthday to me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Quotes

Just back from yum cha with Beatrice, Chong Sheng and Wai Yew.
Some interesting topics came up.
One of which is the abbreviations if you happen to be of mixed Chinese dialects' household.
Basically, the dominant dialect precedes the dialect less used at home.
Here are some:

HakHok - 1/2 Hakka 1/2 Hokkien parentage

CanHok - 1/2 Cantonese 1/2 Hokkien parentage

CanHak - 1/2 Cantonese 1/2 Hakka parentage

ManCan - 1/2 Mandarin 1/2 Cantonese parentage

TeoMan - 1/2 TeoChew 1/2 Mandarin parentage

Try mixing and matching different dialects together.
See what different combination you turn up.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Time to Blow (the dust off...)

Yes, I'm aware of how dead this blog has become...
My blog must have been right at the bottom of everyone's blog roll...

An update is required and an update I shall provide.
Short version.

Good Things That Have (Or Will) Happen(ed):

1) I'm attached once more.
THE number ONE thing that has been putting a smile on my face every few minutes. Hoping this will be THE relationship that I have been praying so hard for. Everything seems to be going well...we've been keeping things real. We both know that promises are sometimes difficult to honor. Today, I said we'd visit places like Singapore, Australia and Paris in the future. I'd very much like for us to make it to that point in time.

2) I Will Be Apple-d!
Yes, it's true. Despite my earlier rants and complains about how IPods and IPhones are blah blah blah, come this April I shall be the proud owner of either a 16GB IPhone 3GS or a 32GB IPod Touch. Do I sense a Mac somewhere is the distant future? Stay tuned.

Bad Things That Have (Or Will) Happen(ed):

1) The Womanizer has left Malaysia.
PJIs, LEOs, DJ-ians, Sea Park-ians & all manner of students and friends (mostly female) felt a gap in their hearts appear as Eric Teh Aik Soon boarded the 1.20AM Air Asia flight for Melbourne. Yes, he will be back...but no one can deny that we will all miss his kooky-ness and dramatic flair. Some of us were even priviledged to witness his best quotes:-

a) Topless drink - About to order a drink
b) Pic! Pic! Pic! - While playing BlackJack
c) Discussted - During discussions
d) Pok-ing - During mahjong session
e) Tequi-ly - During drinking sessions.

2) Lousy Schedule
Students of Taylors' CMM Degree would have found out about the new time table by now. Speechless.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


1) RCC video script

2) Pack for 2nd Singapore trip...

3) Meet my honey

4) Catch up on my sleep...

5) Find the shop to send Karma @ Kota Damansara

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm waiting for you...
Since I came back from Singapore, I've been seriously waiting for you...
But you're taking so long...
I'm wondering, in light of all that's occurred...
Are you worth waiting for?

When I'm with you...
The answer is a definite and resounding YES!

But when we're apart...
When I can't feel the touch of your rough skin...
When I can't taste your lips...
When I cant warm your frozen heart further...
I begin to doubt the sanity of my long wait...

I admire those people who wait years for the ones they love...
I wish I could meet them and ask:-

"How did you manage that? How did you stand months (or years) of being so close and yet not be together?"

I haven't met them yet...and the wait is torturing me inside...
I find myself asking before I go to bed:-

"Do you really mean it when you said you love me...or you miss me...?"

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Langkawi, here I (we) come...

90% packed for the flight to Langkawi on Monday...
Just need to pack final stuff like toiletries and shoes...

Later (since its 4AM) going to drop off some books *wink* then go Evan's to help him decide what to wear for Laura's bday celebration.
*I'm seriously considering a minor career in fashion consultancy* XD

Meeting > Book Drop-Off > Evan's > Neway > Mist > My nice comfy bed > Dreamland.

Good night. Waking up in 4 hours.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm a Tooth Fairy...

Alright! Job just came in...looks like I'm headed to Singapore.

Now comes my favourite part of my job - the gadgets!
Let's see...I wonder what I'll need...

Oh! I know...

1) My wings - so I can fly up those HDB apartments.
2) TeethTracker - so I can precisely track those fallen teeth and not enter the wrong house.
3) Sleeper (disguised as a ring) - Emits harmless neuronic waves, makes people feel VERY sleepy.
4) Molecular Modifier - Allows me (and whatever I choose) pass through solid objects like pillows.

Alright, I think that's everything I need. I'm ready to fly...

Bearings...CHECK! Location...CONFIRMED!
Money Bag...CHECK! Wings...up and running...CHECK!

Here I go! *whoosh*

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Space never looked so sexy...

While all you dirty-minded people are only focusing on the word s-e-x-y, I'm actually gonna be blogging about my new Western Digital MyBook external hard drive.
It cost me RM380 for 1TB of space and it comes in a sexy (*ahem*) shiny black casing.

Take a look below and (try to) drool...

The packaging



Recycled materials, yo!

The USB and power cable

On another note, the fasting period to prepare for Jogoya later at 5.30pm begins NOW!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Its been 3 days since the epic battle between Ikano Powercentre and 1Utama as they put on an amazing and breath-taking display of fireworks.

Although E@Curve and Tesco attempted to make waves, their ripples soon faded into the background as Ikano and 1Utama pushed the boundaries in an attempt to see who had more money to burn...literally.

Also, since its the new year...
I've cleaned out my blog posts, deleting those that were of little importance to remember. The ones left untouched are the ones with the lessons best to learn.

Looking back at almost 3 years of blogging, it was quite a shock to look at some of the things I've written...and at how much I've changed.

Ok, maybe not THAT much...but there's a slight difference...I think....XD

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Singapore & Christmas 2009

Singapore was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! (as always...)
After 11 days in the cosmopolitan island-city, me and my wallet managed to get some pretty good exercise. My legs felt like those of a marathoner and my wallet developed a near-lethal case of anorexia.

Seriously, never expected one could spend almost SGD $200 in Bugis Street alone...very scary. Although the selections were mostly female-dominant, still had some very nice choices. Went into the adult shops for the first time. Got reacquainted with the stations on the MRT line. They've been doing some serious upgrading, the trains and even their bus lines are SOOOO much better than Malaysia's.

But then, Singapore has proven to be better than Malaysia in most areas. Can you believe conversion rate from SGD to USD is rough 1.something....? So UNFAIR!!! Imagine working in Singapore, where your lunch can cost you a minimum of SGD $3...? And they don't have *cougheffingannoyingstupidhypocriticalcough* political parties that prevent Malaysia's Tourism Industry from being MORE than just a "melting pot of cultures".