Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello, Kelly.....

My first post in the year 2012, after a year and a half hiatus, written on my first day at my new job.

After 18 months with Bates Malaysia as the Account Executive handling the FNN brand, I have made the decision to seek a brighter future outside the walls of the Advertising industry.

Say "Hello!" to Kelly Services, a very reputable recruitment agency based in Malaysia and Singapore.
I have taken on the position of MarComm Executive.

Here's hoping that my work-life balance improves from now on.

P.S. I do not have any influence whatsoever in the job search mechanics. No priority treatment, sorry.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year...2011...what?

To those who still read my blog,
I wish a (very-much-delayed) Happy New Year!

This blog post will share some of the stuff from 2010 and sneaks of 2011 that I feel were and are important to me:

1.Coming Out
I've always hidden this side of me pretty well. But I guess its time to let it all out (figuratively). My closest friends know I've always liked guys (in more ways than one). Yes, I'm gay...not happy-lalala-fluffy-rainbows gay...more like get-turned-on-by-the-likes-of-Guy-Tang-Brent-Corrigan-Brent-Everett-Jake-Ng-Ming-Han...

I think its because I kinda got tired of hiding all the time. Lying's hard work...its kind of like Public Relations in a way. First, cover up what gives you away, create some fictional story (or twisted truth) to divert attention and work that baby all the way to town! Yup, PR at its best!

2. Relationships (including friendships)
Some broken, others began anew. I have been called a serial monogamist...the extent and subjective definition to which this term fits me remains to be seen.

3. Friendships
Some have grown stronger than before...I never knew you could be so close to someone and love him or her on a different level altogether. Some have grown weaker to the point where I can't believe we were even chatting last time.

4. Love
Once again, serial monogamist.
To my Bunny, I hope you find someone better than me. I still have Angel and I know you still have Pengy. Let that be reminders to us both.

To my Snow Pig, I'm still waiting to be comfortable having you as my partner in a relationship. Right now, you kinda annoy me at times with constant SMS and phone calls (which you know I hate!). I hope things will change...lets see what 2011 has in store for us together.

5. Body & Fitness
I've joined Celebrity Fitness for almost 1 month now. I can see the little changes working out has paid off. Still in love with Zumba especially Deno's Latin Mix classes (slowly getting my gyrating hips back!). So far, have only taken classes from Deno and Sunny and Myke. Have yet to try Elva's Zumba classes but will fix that  ASAP.  My usual routine begins with cycle/treadmill for 20-30mins, followed by classes (if any), otherwise will be working on my abs (damn those lower ab fats! how to get rid?) and chest.

6. Career
Well, back at Bates141 again as an intern. This time, hoping to get a permanent job in Client Servicing department as I feel attracted and attached to this agnecy. My foray into this industry has always been that way ever since I found out about the field of Mass Communication. I realise I'm not necessarily as extroverted as expected of people who work in this industry...but I feel like I was meant to do this. Could I be right in saying that...this is my calling?

Recently a dilemma has appeared before me, one that I never thought I'd have to experienced until I myself had more experience on my shoulders. A good friend apparently put in a good word for me and now Vizeum Media Communications (a reportedly-BIG-in-the-industry agency but one which I can't seem to find any info online) is interested to have a chat with me.

This isn't just a big stepping stone in my possible career...its a HUGE jump-ahead stepping stone. But my dilemma is this...I'm a fresh graduate with "textbook" knowledge of an industry that changes so fast by the time you read this word, that "textbook" knowledge would have been obsolete and outdated. Can I do right by Vizeum and give them the 110% that they rightfully deserve out of each of their employees?

I'll be honest here...I'm nervous.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fruity Traitor

Where once I swore I will never own any Apple products, I have now been a proud owner of the Apple iPhone 3GS for the past 6 months. Loving it to bits (still do).

Since then, Apple has released the iPhone 4 and the iPad as well.
Most of you who know me will imagine how itchy my fingers are feeling right now...
I still yearn to own a 15" MacBook Pro though...with i5 processor, 500GB hard disk space, blah blah blah...

Maybe I'll own the complete set in the future...
When I reach the point where I can confidently say to myself,

"RM500 is small change to me"...

Now, time to stop daydreaming and return to my mundane world BS-ing on PR2 and C&O...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My iPhone Cover Obsession #2

- White faux leather
- Metal video stand
- RM25

Friday, July 9, 2010

My iPhone Cover Obsession

From L to R:

Yellow - DiGi - Free
Blackbone - PasarMalam - RM15
OrangeZest - PasarMalam - RM15
SilverLining - InCase - RM38
Devil - Capsule Switcheasy - RM100
Black - Case-Mate - RM60+ (but I got it for FREE!)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am Human

It seems like I keep delaying new posts again and again.
One of my flaws, this procrastination of mine...(sloth?)

Another seems to be my greed - money money money gimme gimme gimme...
Also my gluttony - I can now consume chicken rice and wan tan mee in one go.
Also my lust - well, this one PnC...XD
Also my pride - everything I own must be either new, stylish or a combination of both.
Also my envy - I want...I want...I want...
Also my wrath - Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but you ain't seen nothing yet...

All seven of the Cardinal Sins...
All in me...
For I am Human...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DiGi's "Unmentioned" Charges

This happened to me in real life (RECENTLY!) and I'm writing this post to warn all who are thinking of getting the DiGi's iPhone plan to think twice before signing that contract.

In DiGi's iPhone plan, you get X amount of free minits, SMS, MMS and Internet usage depending on the plan you choose. Being a student and paying for my own phone usage, I opted for the iDiGi 88.

I was skeptical at first. I've used prepaid all my life, so the terms and conditions of postpaid service are alien to me. So I started researching. First, checked out the price plans, their pros and cons. Then on the day I went to buy/collect my iPhone, I asked the DiGi ground staff these questions:

"So I only pay RM88 per month, for two years (24 months)?" "Since I'm paying for 6 months in advance, what if I exceed? Do I only pay the balance for the first 6 months?" "That's all I pay right?"

The DiGi staff answered that I was correct. I asked a similar set of questions to the D'Chat operator, who also answered that I was right, confirming what the first DiGi staff said. OK, so here I was thinking that I could definitely afford at least around RM88 a month for calls and SMS.

My bill for April just arrived. Yes, DiGi did waive off RM88 due to my 6 months advance payment. HOWEVER, I discovered that DiGi has also charged me another previously "unmentioned" monthly amount of RM88. My greatest shock came when I realized that after the 6 months is up, DiGi is actually charging me RM88 + RM88 = RM176 a month!

Let's ignore the fact that both DiGi staff have supplied me with FALSE INFORMATION. Let's ignore that I, as a student paying my OWN phone bill, will now have to pay RM176 a month for the next 24 months. Thats a grand spanking total of RM4224!

What I don't understand is, why is DiGi charging me a second amount of RM88? I already paid RM1590 for the iPhone 3GS. The initial minimum RM88 a month would have cost about RM2112 for 24 months. In total, I'm "supposed" to pay roughly RM3702 for the phone + call charges. I haven't even included the 5% service tax.

Let's do a little math. Assuming that I use RM88 for call charges a month for the next 24 months, excluding the cost of the iPhone:

RM4224 - RM2112 = RM2112

I'm actually paying roughly DOUBLE the amount that I signed up for.

So, please...I implore anyone who is thinking of buying the iPhone now or in the future...ensure that those figures you see on that contract are the ONLY charges that you will have to pay.

And to DiGi, I'm demanding compensation and a full explanation for this injustice. Your staff have supplied me with false information, twice.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I am now officially 21 years old.

4th April 2010.

In Cantonese, its pronounced sei-yat-sei-ho-yi-ling-yat-ling
Most Chinese people believe that the number 4 is an unlucky number...
(That's why some lifts have 3rd floor then 3A instead of 4th floor)
But I have double they cancel out each other? (I hope!)

According to Wikipedia, this means I am at the age of majority where I can legally:-

  1. purchase/consume alcohol
  2. marry without consent/elope (hope not!)
  3. enter into binding contract (in my favor!)
  4. vote (worthless as none are worth voting for)
  5. buy stocks/bonds (any sponsors?)
  6. and many more...

21 years of life...
I wonder if I've lived it well...
There a million ways on the Internet telling you if you have lived your life to the fullest...
But do any of those ways fit me?

Instead of trying a million ways,
I think I shall happily go on living a life of blissful semi-ignorance...
And deal with any hardships and pain as I encounter them...

Happy 21st Birthday to me.