Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Promises to You

I will....:

1) Love you with all my heart until the day i die
2) Make you feel happy that you chose me
3) Make you feel loved and smile everyday
4) My whole being is for you...heart, body and soul
5) Do all your favourite things with you (or learn to love em')
6) Be there for you, as best as I can
7) To ultimately fulfil no.6, maybe - Move in with you...
8) Make up for my mistakes...with my life, if i must
9) Never make you feel like "leftover"...you are my Diamond
10) Stand by your side, as you succeed in life
11) Be your rock when you need support and your lifeline when you need help
12) Love you as you should be loved
13) Never do anything hurt you ever again
14) Hold you in my arms and never let you go (unless got work or college)
15) Give you my most valuable possession
16) Make each and every promise i make come true every year we are together
17) Take care of you in every way
18) Be a part of you
19) Laugh and cry with you
20) Just love you with every fibre and ounce of my being.

These are my promises to you, one for each year...I shall add one for every year...until the day I leave this world and universe...