Sunday, September 28, 2008

Heng Ji Farewell - Off to Cambridge

Yesterday was the best fun i had with anyone since starting college, even though was supposed to have sad undertones (he's leaving for UK next Thurs). Plus learned some very interesting things about 3 particular ppl.


Morning to Noon:

Went to Kimarie for wash and set as i know i will be out the whole day. Yes, pathetic me dunno how to style my own hair. I'd still rather pay then look like a mop. after that, rushed to 1U for Heng Ji farewell Part One. Met up with Kah Uip, then Rudy, lastly Heng Ji & Markus & Kok Hee join us. First we makan at Burger King. Rudy's burger supposedly "cummed" all over the food tray. (Weird coloured sauce maybe??)

After that, bought TGV movie tics for Pathology starring Milo Vertimiglio (spell wrong?). Awesome scenes of gory thriller action, a MUST-SEE for fans of thriller, gore, blood and of cos Milo V.


Went to TGIF with Anna Lim (she's back!) for Part Two of Heng Ji Farewell. Met first with Ang Yee, Hai Yuen and Kah Wei, then went in TGIF to get the table. Slowly ppl turned up from Angsana, BR, Cempaka, Dahlia and Ixora and the gathering began. The food was delicious, thankfully or else i would be complaining more often.

After dinner, had pic session at the fountain behind TGIF (For pics, the title above is a link to Photobucket). Had minor molesting session (see pics for deets). Then as slowly as they came, they slowly went went home......

Now the fun begins...(pls highlight the section below to read the words)


Heng Ji decides to go clubbing, so me Calvin & Anna waited for him while he fetch Sherri home (haha kena con by her!). We walked around then went to Sanctuary when he arrived again. RM228 for a bottle of Smirnoff but Heng Ji insisted so we chose that. First few cups mixed with Coke or orange juice and I was grooving at the table. All my fave songs were played so quite happy with the DJ. Went out until 3am, longest i have ever stayed out.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

It was hard to walk away...I Let Her Down

No, this time its not gonna be about shoes, fashion, that to-die-for outfit in the window...No.
This time, its about walking away from one of the best memories i have and possibly one of the cruelest things i have ever done in my life.

20th September:
PJI and Taman Sea Leos went on a visit to Taman Megah's Home for Disabled Kids (not exact name, its the corner lot one). I stepped into the compound and was almost immediately attracted to this little girl who is about 4 to 7 yrs old. An absolute darling, i took turns with one of the Taman Sea girls to give her piggy back rides (i regret not asking for both their names). Holding her in my arms, i felt an instant connection. I felt like i was holding my little sister, or to some extent, my daughter. Whenever i set her down for awhile, she would get moody and start to cry. You all asked me what i did to make her cry, i know now the answer is I Let Her Down.

She would be fine after awhile, and we played an unofficial piggy back race with Eric and his "rider". I can still hear her laugh. After that, she clung onto Lawrence and Wei Jheng. Then it was time to go.

She clung to me again during the group photo session. Really held on me, i could feel her unwillingness to let go. That's when i knew, i had erred. A big no-no is working with orphans is to not make a bond with them, especially if you cant commit to see them all the time. When i had to set her down before leaving, she wouldnt let go. The maid had to drag her off my shoulders. It broke my heart and nearly made me cry. But i knew i had to walk away. For both of us.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy 20th, Elisha!!!

So embarassing...almost was late for Elisha's bday gathering...

Got home around 6.30pm due to dance classes...then sat down to finish reading Drowned Wednesday...
Huey Luan calls at 7.45pm, asking where am I...(suppose to meet at 7.30pm)
Rushed to SS2...Huey Luan ask me go buy bday cake with her...bought pandan layer cake...

Back to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng...ordered food.
Makan until full.

At first, was just me, Huey Luan, Clayton, and Elisha...later, Anna and Lawrence...lastly, Wei Jheng. Finally can order the Birthday Milk Tea. Lawrence went crazy after a few sips (Anna says, "Cos inside for caffeine")

Took the pandan birthday cake out, light candles. Birthday boy blow out one at a time.
Anna say tradition is birthday boy must pull the candles out of the cake using his teeth.

Kesian. Huey Luan strike and Elisha nose kena coconut shavings.
Had some more laughs, then Anna deleted my pic. Evil Anna. XP

Paid, then went home. Now writing abt it. =)
Please click on title for pictures.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Leo Orientation Camp - Debut

Yes, we finally organised our first ever Leo Orientation Camp (LOC), a pre-cursor to the already well-known Leo Leadership Camp (LLC). Arriving at Yuk Chai Primary on 30th Aug @ 8am was not cool...but to avoid wrath of Lion Lady, must go lor...

1st Day: - Things began with ice-breakers, talks and lectures (I didnt know ADP students learnt Human Comm. Behaviour...). Participants divided into 5 'animal' groups. Lion Clayton ad Lion Ivan were present alongside another 2 Lions who did not stay long enough for me to get to know them better. =)
Evening - Telematch. My station is the one with the Eldest book. Must balance book on 1 A4 paper. Could you have done it???
Night time - must stay up and jaga keselamatan...haiz. We'd rather sleep but under Lion Lady orders, made duty roster like a good Security Head. Woke up at 5.30am, half an hour late for duty. XP

2nd Day: - Best breakfast, lunch and dinner tasted in any camp so far! (Cos made by Chinese mah....) More talks and lectures, followed by a few games.
Evening time - Time for fun! Water and balloons mix to create screams of dismay as participants get soaked by Organising Committee. (Cue sadistic grin............*grin*)
Night - must prepare salad, chicken, and sausages for BBQ night. Run here and there to get stuff. After eating, got performance by participants and their groups. Fun. Tired. Broke. Petrol Low! (Pls pls let me claim...) Slept @ 2.30am...tml wake up @ 4.30am. Bright side - get to tease the participants. Down side - lethargy, zombie-like feeling.

3rd Day: - 4.30am!!! Earliest in my LIFE!! But get to atch the stars disappear as night turns into day. Great to be there with Eric, Fion, Mun Suet and Jia Jun. Maybe i should go on camps more...but....haiz...see how la...
Afternoon - one final talk by Lion Clayton. Then participants rated overall LOC. Scored 3 - 5 on a scale of 1 - 5. Duh Dragons won First Place. Congrats. Went back at 3pm-ish and now blogging from Boon Siong's house.

Verdict: Glad I went. Pity those who didnt get to experience this. Definitely close to my pals, and i hope they feel the same way.

P.S. If you would like to view some pics of the camp, pls click on the title of this blog entry....happy viewing!